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Hawaiian Garden Style Wedding Design

Dream Hawaiian Wedding ~

Floraland presents a French garden-style wedding floral design.

From New York, we shipped high-grade flowers from the Netherlands, Japan, and Europe, halfway across the world, to Hawaii!

At the famous Ko Olina Four Seasons Hotel in Oahu, we completed all the work in the gentle sea breeze and the warm sunshine!

Only One week in the local preparation time, from purchasing supplies and tools to arranging logistics and manual coordination, we are all hands-on!

Florist Bruce is always picky about the color selection of flowers. We went to the mountains in the rainforest to find distinctive matching leaf plants and used the rare orange-pink frangipani! Finally, the soft garden-style design is presented on this island!

I want to thank the handsome and beautiful couple for their trust in us and for recognition on the wedding day!

Here, quote a word from the bride: Thank you, this is exactly the wedding of my dreams!


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